Wild Land Fire Suppression – Wild Fire Services, maintains two seasonal Type 2 wild land firefighting hand crews, and two Engines (Type 5 and 6) which are available nationwide, but most commonly Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, and occasionally California, and Alaska. Wild Fire Services also has equipment essential to Wild Land Fire Suppression including 12 Person mobile Shower Unit, 12” Whole Tree Chipper, and a 6 inch 2400 GPM Water Pump overhead Tender Filler Station.

Hazardous Fuels Thinning - Keeping our public and private lands thinned is a vital part of Wild Land Fire Suppression. We are trained, skilled and equipped to thin any property quickly efficiently and safely.

Urban Interface Mitigation Measures - Wild Fire Services can assist you in oversight as well as removing debris to make sure your neighborhood is fire safe, and to eliminate as many possible fuel areas as possible.

Prescribe Fire Practitioners - To allow natural ecosystem rejuvenation, sometimes the best solution is to allow the area to burn under known conditions of fuel. Wild Fire Services is trained and skilled to prepare, manage and extinguish Prescribed Fires.

General Labor - With an upwards of 80 employees, we can assist you in finding any number of employees with the proper background to match your job needs. Including hazardous spill cleanup, see our sister company’s website at