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Job Openings

If you would like to apply or would like more information please send us a note on our contact page

  • Crew Boss
  • Engine Boss
  • Single Resource Boss/FFT1-Trainee
  • FFT1
  • FFT2 with or without experience

Employees are on-call and must be available24 hours a day 7 days a week, and available to leave within an hour from dispatch call. Assignments can last up to 14 days consistent, with a 2 day break for as long as the job requires. Fire season can run from June till October, but varies every year. 

About the Job.
This is a serious position.
Fighting fire is very physical and strenuous work, which includes hiking and carrying a backpack with gear, and a hand tool.
Fire fighting can be mentally exhausting. 
Must comply with Wildland Fire Leadership Values and Principles.
12 Hour shifts or longer, possibly two weeks at a time.
All fire fighters sleep in tents that they provide.
Must be a team player and able to work in a team atmosphere.
Absolutely no drugs or alcohol.
Employment Qualification
Over 18 years old.
Pre-Employment Screening.
Pre-Employment drug test (including marijuana) and be able to pass random test.
Present a FEMA IS 100.b certificate by class time.
Present a FEMA IS 700.a certificate by class time.
Completion of Basic FFT2 class held at our location, which is a 4 day class. (or produce certificate, and if needed refresher)
Pack Test, which is 3 miles, under 45 minutes, while carrying a 45lbs back pack.

Fire boots (purchase after class)
Tent and Sleeping bag.
Undergarments to last 2 weeks, without doing laundry.
Valid Government ID
Working cell number AT ALL TIMES.
Transportation to and from our location at a moments notice (Company provides transportation to and from fire)

Live within one hour of Yakima, WA

We require all of our new employees to go through a interview, which we schedule upon completion of an application. If you are local to Yakima please come in a fill out one in person. If not fill out the contact form on the contact page and we will email you one. We are open Monday-Friday 9-4.

We reserve the right to place all our employees in the position that we see necessary for our company, which may or may not be at their qualified level